I’ve been away for a while….

Heard some new tunes…have been through some sort of spiritual transformation and identity discover….

But I felt like some part of me express those changes and feelings with the songs/artists I found riding the sound of their own inner worlds and the scent of their culture, beliefs and tradition, no matter what STYLE, RITHYM or TREND this tune may be labeled. I label two types of music: Good and bad….

This year I was hit by a shooting star who landed in Saudi Arábia, shy shinning yet, but breathing like a new born babe to shoot a blast over the world with a peculiar arabic spice over metal…heavy…fast….

I could  spend hours, days and nights talking about her passion for Heavy Metal. But I’ll try to focus on her work (otherwise I would declare my love right here, right now…) wich just AMAZED ME!

Heidi Habib is the mind, fingers, throat, power and passion behind HERA. Yet a project headed by this prodigy from Middle East, the few songs available are just a glimpse of what Heidi is capable of.

She can sing sweet as a siren, hypnotizing,  turning music into perfume while your soul is dragged into a void of heavyness and speed. She’s an overdose, frantically spinning you out whilst swallow you gently into darkness and numbness…


She’ is something else. I always worshipped those super Rockstars who write, compose, and play everything. They seemed to be powerfull at a time when a kid needs a hero.

I’m not a kid anylonger, I don’t need a hero anymore. She showed me that she is way bigger than a ONE WOMAN BAND. She’s passion, strenght and beauty.

And for more that I try to describe the HERA effect, I know I won’t be clear enough….I’m already addicted….i’m already enchanted….

To take your own conclusions about her work, please check this tunes and prepare to surrender……you will be as lost as I got…into the blue of her eyes and the power of her songs.